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God is My Superhero!

Satan can make me sick, can five me a rash, can put doubts and fears in my head, But Guess What!? My God Can and Will take them away because I took that vow  Long time ago! So in sickness And in Health, for richer And poorer, because even ’til Death we shall NOT part, I will serve and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ who has given this life to me! Stan can do NOTHING compared to what God Has done, Is Doing and Will Do! God has proven that statement in China! There are more Christians in China then there are people in America. Mad made laws can do Nothing because God Made Man! Does the creation Really think it can control the Creator? Unfortunately yes. But hey guess what the Lord lets us know in Matthew 10:16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” So we need to be aware of what is going on around us, But we do not need to conform to it because God has given us the materials we need to prepare ourselves to face this life. PLUS! HE is So much Bigger than Anything we may be going through and Anything Life or this World may be able to throw at us! Therefore give it ALL to HIM because He CAN handle it! Some of us may wonder why God never wiped out Sin, Destruction, and Death a long time ago since He knows all things, He knew all this was going to happen and He IS powerful enough to take it away! He can do Anything, but think about how much more He is glorified when we see HIM Through our pain and despair! We need HIM and if we did not have pain or any sufferings the we would not realize how much we actually need HIM to come save the Day! Why do we Dream of Superheroes? Why are we So Entertained by the Idea of a Superhero? Because we Need and Desire someone to come to our rescue and save the day! If we had nothing to be saved From then we would not Love, Appreciate or even Understand what God did for us, if he would have destroyed Sin, Destruction and Death right from the beginning. So even when everything looks meek and I cannot see the light, when I am on my knees because it feels as though the world is crushing me under its weight I WILL look up and remember that My God is Greater and Stronger! He can Do All things because He Made all things! If I never fell and never found myself with my face on the ground, then I would never have the chance to look up and see my maker’s face! So in all my weakness, all my pain, all my sorrow and all my Happiness Lord I pray your Love, Strength and Glory will Be revealed Above All Else! :]


Hey everyone sorry I have not put really anything on here this one will be for India and Uganda but it is really more so just something that was on my mind during the trip then I will go into what we have done.


Lord you know my every thought, my deepest desires and my Dreams. You gave me life for a reason. So many times I did not understand what you were trying to say or I would ask “Why must I go through this?” Lord I understand why, it is because I need YOU! I cannot lean on my own selfish pride anymore because it only takes me farther and farther from where I should be. I am so blinded sometimes by the role I keep trying to play in this world. But Life is no Game and YOUR Love is No competition. You have already won because You Freely gave up your Son for Us when we did not deserve Him. LOVE conquers all and even though Satan knows this he tries to compare to you but he knows very well that Nothing compares to you Lord! Lord in all your infinite power you desire Us, over all things, to have a relationship with us so that Your Glory, and Your Love, and Your Great Power may be spread throughout all the Earth. If we will not cry out to you Lord I know the mountains, the seas, and the rocks will cry out your Name. But I desire to Praise you Lord I CANNOT be silent you fill me with songs and laughter All the days of my Life and many may call me Crazy for it, but even in the “Looney Bin” they CANNOT stop this Joy and Overwhelming Freedom YOU have given me through Your Love portrayed in the sacrifice of Your Son! Lord I pray you give this Land a voice to be heard through out all time because I know you live in these children and you are constantly changing and shaping them so others can see the Love, Joy, Peace, Patience and Kindness You desire to be in them! 😀

We are in Uganda now and it has been Wicked Awesome!!!…our ENTIRE team hiked up a B..E..A..U..Tiful mountain yesterday and though it may have been hard it was Awe-Mazing and I thank God for His brilliant beauty everyday and for giving me this opportunity to be on this journey with all these Amazing people I LOVE my team and they tell me that they love that I am here also…but for the most part I am perrty sure they just think I am Crazy…But none the less we get along anyway which I am VERY thankful for!!!;D…sorry to finish up India we had a Wonderful time loving on the beautiful children of God over there even though we did not take a Real shower until Friday and Saturday and some of us on our team have a rash of some sort now we are All alive and kicking for the Lord our Savior and are enjoying Almost EVERY Second of it! :D…we are all praying for you all and cannot wait to let you know more!!! 😀


Dang! Walkin’ with the Big Man upstairs here in East Asia-Crazy! First Day sightseeing has been a Huge culture shock for me, especially this morning and it had only been 9 o’clock-our day had not even started yet. There are  so many buildings, people, vehicles and cement here it was hard for me to even breathe.  I definitely felt chaos welling up inside on our walk to breakfast. I am so used to being able to connect and talk to my Pops when there is so much greenery, outdoors and just plain old Awe-mazing wildlife. Big cities can certainly overwhelm me which i did not completely realize until I was placed in one, but as the day went on my shock began to fade. The team and I were able to play some Chinese hacky-sack with some of the people here which was Alot of fun and Very useful when trying to brake barriers between cultures!

–This experience in East Asia this past week has been amazing and Extremely Eye Opening! Cannot wait to get back and tell/show everyone this experience because it is NEVER the same through the computer, but because this is all we are provided right now I hope this very small glimpse will be enough until I can express my excitements and fears in person.

‘Til then this is Shawnta and cannot Wait to express my adventures in person!

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